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The attorneys at Wolff, Hislop & Crockett, advise farmers and other agricultural businesses in matters such as lease drafting, real estate sales, business sales and closings, and disputes involving business valuations, employment law, breach of contract, trespass, damage to land, damage to crops, and real estate.

The economy of the Inland Northwest relies greatly upon agribusiness. Our firm appreciates the value of the agribusiness sector in Spokane and recognizes that it is not limited solely to farmers. Processors, transportation, and other businesses are key contributors to that area.

Just like any other business owner, farmers and those in the agribusiness sector benefit from discussing business entity formation, estate planning, and business succession planning with an experience business attorney.

We understand that many farming operations wish to conduct business on a handshake.  However, when a deal becomes contentious and goes to litigation, the benefits of having a contract or written understanding substantially outweigh the costs and time of having an attorney draft a formal agreement.

Wolff, Hislop and Crockett, can use practical knowledge to give quick and efficient advice to farmers and other persons operating an agribusiness.

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