Robert Wright: Partner

What does it mean to be a partner, anyway?

We’re excited to announce Robert Wright is now a “partner” in our firm. But what does “partner” mean in a law firm?

We are thrilled to announce that Rob Wright has been named a partner at our firm, a significant milestone that reflects not only his exceptional legal acumen but also his unwavering commitment to our core values.

For fans of the popular television show “Suits,” some would think that becoming a partner means the lawyer has arrived – the attorney will be living a lavish lifestyle, making the big bucks, going out to expensive dinners, and making all the younger attorneys do the work. That is not the real world.

Legally speaking (since we are lawyers), the term “partner” refers to being an owner in the firm. Historically, law firms were owned by several attorneys and the structure of their firm was as a “partnership” as opposed to a corporation or LLC. So, to be a partner in a law firm meant that you were an owner.

Today, it is often used more broadly to indicate an attorney has reached a certain level of expertise within the practice.

At our firm, while there are benefits that come with being a partner, it is really about the increased responsibility the attorney is taking on. A partner is a leader in our firm that tackles more difficult tasks, mentors younger team members, and helps our firm grow.

In “Suits,” partnership is portrayed as the ultimate recognition of a lawyer’s talent, hard work, and loyalty to the firm’s ethos. Similarly, at our firm, reaching the status of a partner isn’t just about legal expertise or winning cases; it’s about embodying the values that define us:

  1. We Do the Right Thing:
    Like the best of “Suits” characters, Rob has consistently demonstrated uncompromising integrity in his practice. He upholds the highest ethical standards, ensuring that justice and fairness guide his decisions.

  2. We Serve Others:
    Service is at the heart of our mission, much like the lawyers in “Suits” who often go beyond their roles to genuinely help their clients. Rob has a track record of putting clients’ needs at the forefront, offering solutions that best serve their interests.

  3. We Solve Problems:
    Every episode of “Suits” revolves around complex problem-solving, a skill that Rob has mastered. His innovative approach to challenging cases has led to numerous successes for our clients.

  4. We Have a Bias for Action:
    While things do not happen as quickly in real life as they do in TV land, Rob is a man of action, always ready to take the necessary steps to advance our clients’ causes.

  5. We Communicate Intentionally:
    Effective communication, a recurring theme in “Suits,” is a forte of Rob’s. He understands the importance of clear, purposeful dialogue with clients, colleagues, and courts alike.

  6. We Constantly Improve:
    Just as the characters in “Suits” continually evolve, Rob is committed to personal and professional growth, ensuring that our firm remains at the cutting edge of legal practice.
    As the new head of our litigation section, Rob brings the same dynamism and strategic thinking seen in the best “Suits” episodes. His leadership will not only strengthen our litigation team but also inspire the next generation of lawyers in our firm.

  7. Please join us in congratulating Rob Wright on his well-deserved promotion! We are excited to see how his leadership will further our commitment to excellence in the legal field, much like the iconic partners of Pearson Specter Litt.