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We assist construction professionals with buying or selling a business, forming a new business or restructuring an existing business.

The construction industry is an essential sector of our economy. It includes contractors, engineers, architects, material suppliers and more. Most construction professionals want to focus on their project, not on legal issues, but in today’s environment there are a number of legal challenges that must be addressed. The attorneys at Wolff, Hislop & Crockett are here to handle legal issues so that you can focus on the work you love.

To effectively assist our clients, we believe that communication is essential. We will work hard to understand your goals and then advise you on the best legal way to reach those objectives.

Unfortunately, disputes in the construction industry often result in litigation. When this happens, the litigation attorneys at Wolff, Hislop & Crockett are ready to advocate for their clients, both businesses and individuals as Plaintiffs or Defendants. Our experienced attorneys assist clients with contract disputes, employment matters, insurance claims, liens and more.

Whether we are assisting a client with business transactions or handling a litigation dispute, we strive to simplify the legal process so our clients can focus on what matters to them most.

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