About Us


We believe it is important to have fundamental principles that guide our representation of clients, whether it is in closing a deal or advocating in the courtroom. While there are many important values, these are the fundamental principles that we strive to meet.”

1. Ex-pe-ri-ence

[ikˈspirēəns] adjective:

1. the knowledge or skill in a particular field, especially a profession or job, gained over a period of time.”

We don’t handle every type of legal matter because our clients deserve the benefit of advice and representation based on prior experience. If a client has a need outside of our area of competence, we will gladly refer the client on to another trusted attorney in the community.

2. In-teg-ri-ty

[inˈteɡrədē] noun:

1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Our reputation for integrity enables us to provide the highest level of service to all of our clients. We will not compromise our integrity for a case because it is not effective for any of our clients.

3. Com-mu-ni-ca-tion

[kəˌmyo͞onəˈkāSH(ə)n] noun:

1. The successful conveying or sharing of information, ideas and feelings.

Communication is essential to our profession. Many people think of speaking in a courtroom as the primary way attorneys communicate, but we believe the most important communication we undertake is understanding our clients’ goals and explaining their options for reaching those goals.

His-to-ry [ˈhist(ə)rē]

NOUN 1. A series of past events connected with someone or something.

We are all shaped by our history. WHC’s history began with Jamie Wolff who entered the legal profession after running his own real estate brokerage for several years. In 2002 his son, Scott Hislop, joined him after serving a tour of duty in the United States Army as a Judge Advocate General Corps officer.  Scott and Jamie continued to practice in the areas of business, real estate and estate planning. In 2015, Brad Crockett joined the firm to provide additional litigation experience to clients in those areas.

WHC develops long-term relationships with individuals, organizations and businesses in our community.

Over 65 Years
Combined Legal Experience

You have challenges. We have solutions. Let us help.

We strive to meet our clients’ needs with the best representation and legal advice. The firm is proud of its reputation for being price conscious and value oriented, providing advocacy and mediation services on a wide variety of legal issues. We develop long-term relationships with individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community. Ask your neighbor, friend, or business associate about Wolff, Hislop & Crockett, PLLC.

Wolff & Hislop & Crockett’s practice has an emphasis and focus on the following:

  •  Business Advising and Organizational Formation
  •  Commercial Transactions
  •  Civil Litigation
  •  Creditor Representation
  •  Estate Planning
  •  Probate
  •  Real Property Law
  •  Real Estate Transactions

We are Experienced and provide counsel to clients in forming and operating companies, setting up and closing transactions and representation in court and other proceedings.